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Welcome to the Demaurio Clark Grant website

The Demaurio Clark Grant seeks to award $1000 to one dedicated and driven undergraduate student.  Demaurio’s hope is to find that special person who, like himself, has worked, and will continue to work diligently to find success in the competitive world of accounting and finance.

About Demaurio Clark

Clark is a philanthropist at heart and understands that several college-bound students have a pressing need for funds that might be holding back their academic progress. Demaurio has seen the education costs shooting up, more and more students going into debt to complete their education, and then having that debt looming over their heads whenever they make a big life decision. It is the reason why he is extending this scholarship to assist the most deserving candidate.

Demaurio Clark: A Finance Guru with a Vision to Create a Better World

A finance professional who has also been heavily involved in students’ charity work, Demaurio Clark has been extensively aware of the plight of American students, especially those from low-income households. He understands that the high barrier to entry for graduate and post-graduate education is often the only thing that holds back promising and gifted candidates. Demaurio understands that every driven student who is unable to pursue the standard of education they deserve means yet another pioneer excluded from the workforce, causing a net loss of innovative solutions that drive the world forward.

A Man of Integrity & High Principles

Demaurio Clark is a visionary, strategic thinker and has always wished to create a better world. He has made it his life mission to provide assistance to promising young scholars to ensure that they do not miss out on any educational opportunities for the lack of money to pursue them. This is why he has founded the Demaurio Clark Grant program to seek out the most deserving and talented candidates. The rigorous selection program ensures that the awardee is someone who can genuinely change the world with their ideas and the motivation to go out and chase them.

Clark believes that overachieving is a great habit to get used to, and has been an overachiever throughout his very successful career in the private finance sector. He respects individuals who share his passion for giving back to society and showing an unflinching dedication to the causes they believe in. He understands the harsh truth that talent and vision alone may not be enough for someone to make it in this cutthroat, expensive world. This is why he has instituted this scholarship program to award and assist the most deserving candidate in their career development efforts. 

Demaurio Clark is an established insurance broker, certified accountant, and finance guru. He is striving relentlessly to develop innovative techniques for using his competency and skills in the financial sector. He is forever, brimming with energy and limitless enthusiasm. He is making genuine endeavors to open new avenues of career development. Every project is accepted by him, as a brand new challenge. He would not rest until he has overcome the obstacles that come on his way. He is passionate about his job. He tries to work hard to exceed client expectations. He is full of dedication and determination to tread on unchartered territory. He is an icon in his own right and a role model for young students.

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A Mark of Solidarity

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The Demaurio Clark Grant consists of an expert selection panel and a rigorous selection process that goes well beyond just reviewing transcripts and is dedicated to identifying scholars who are bastions of innovation, dedicated to serving the community, and great potential future leaders. Clark believes giving back to society is man’s number one purpose in life. Moreover, he has dedicated his life and his estate to serving the community. The Demaurio Clark Grant consists of a generous lump-sum payment of $1000 to the selected candidate. Demaurio understands that the costs of a full education may well exceed this amount, but believes that it is an indicator of his faith in the promise the scholar represents, and an appreciation of their determination and talent that will get their journey to success on the way.

Demaurio Clark Grant Eligibility Requirements

  • Fill in all the accurate details and please send your scholarship application along with an original essay through an email to Demaurio Clarkfor final consideration for the prestigiousgrant.
  • The grant applicant will be eligible provided she is a high school senior scholar presently registered in a well-known and accredited institution, college, or university.
  • The applicant should be a freshman, or a junior, or even a sophomore registered in an accredited and reputed university or college.
  • The candidate must remember to submit the essay along with the application containing all necessary and relevant details to Demaurio Clark via a formal email at

Demaurio Clark Grant Instructions

Deadline: 1st October 2021

Last Date of Scholarship Application Submission: 15th October 2021.  

The grand winner will be notified officially via a formal email from Demaurio Clark informing him of his success. The result of the esteemed scholarship will be announced on 15th October 2021 at Do not forget to attach the duly filled in application form to your email before shooting the email to Demaurio Clark.

Process of Application


Postal Address

Email Address

Phone Number

Scholar at an acknowledged or accredited institute

Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)

The college, institute, and university that you are now enrolled at

Your present GPA

Essay Topic: The applicants must write an original essay on “How can the United States address the long-term economic consequences of the COVID-19 quarantine?”

Demaurio Clark Grant Winner Announcement

The selection process is pretty strict and rigorous. The important factors that are predominantly considered while choosing the most deserving candidate are merit and performance. The grand winner of the Demaurio Clark grant will be sent the prize money of $1,000 as soon as possible directly to his formal bank account. However, an acknowledgment from your side upon receipt of the intimation is essential. The assets will be then, transferred to the private account of Demaurio Clark Grant winner.